For drivers who love adventure

Life is all about moments. Fun moments. Happy moments. Exciting moments. Even unexpected moments. At Bolden, we’re paving a new path by developing innovative solutions to make those everyday moments even better.

Our team will make sure you’re ready for any adventure with on-the-go solutions that elevate your vehicle with more:

  • Audio
  • Power
  • Storage
  • Adventure

Navigate a new path with innovative ideas that elevate any ride.

For decades, our team has been creating innovative solutions for our customers. We have established partnerships all around the globe and are continually manufacturing industry-leading products that enhance the appearance, improve the functionality and increase the value of vehicles. And now, we’ve been inspired to amp up these rides even further.

We’re adventure seekers too

Campers. Skiers. Hikers. Bikers. Not only are we technology experts, designers and we’re adventure seekers too. Not to mention, we all love a good road trip once in a while. And it was from these various experiences in our vehicles that our team realized there were ways to make them better. More convenient. More functional. More versatile. So we combined our passion for adventure and the great outdoors with our vast automotive knowledge and expertise — and began developing solutions that make vehicles not just a mode of transport… but part of the adventure we can have with us every day.

Optimize outdoor adventures with convenient, customized solutions.

From rides that are rugged to those that are a little more refined, our products don’t discriminate when it comes to making a vehicle adventure-ready. We’re bringing ideas to life and customizing products for customers that take their vehicles to the next level. Ranging from whole vehicle solutions to portable personal audio speakers, plus storage and power solutions that are coming down the road — these are the durable, convenient and versatile options that drivers who love adventure want in their vehicles.

Move forward ahead of the rest.

There’s just something about getting behind the wheel and going for a ride on the open road. Whether adventure means hitting the slopes, sleeping under the stars or taking a ride through a favorite park for a picnic with the family — here at Bolden, we search to enrich those moments through thoughtful, well-curated products.

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